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Video: 52-Mile Rain Tested
Video: 100-MPH Tested

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Full Sun Protection
Marine-Grade Canvas
No Front Gap
Quiet & No Flapping
165-second Installation
Keep Installed under Top



Solid Canvas. No slits, No Zippers
Installs under Hard/Soft Top


Video: Rain Tested


Engineered not to flap,
So it is quiet

Heavy Duty

Built for the extreme
UV/mildew resistant

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Video: HOW TO Leave on Under Top
Video: 52-Mile Rain Testing
Video: 100 MPH Testing
Video: Folding and Stowage
Video: Quick INSTALLATION v4.0(old)
Video: Quick INSTALLATION v3.4(old)

Quality Unsacrificed

Built by Hand

Hand crafted and hand machine stitched at a family owned business in operation since 1984.

We're committed to building the best product out there. We have high standards. Being a small shop, passion is put into each stitch. Our bimini surpasses everything out there that is mass produced and un-loved. Quality and craftsmanship is evident in every produced bimini.

Heavy Duty Canvas

Built from heavy duty marine-grade, coated polyester fabric that is 100% woven and acrylic-coated on both sides. It is waterproof, both UV and mildew resistant and will not crack or peel, even in extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures. It will also not noticeably shrink or stretch and is tear and abrasion resistant.

The same fabric is used to protect airplanes, boats, farm equipment and other items that demand extreme protection.
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"Absolutely love the top! It’s tight as a drum. My wife and son said it’s spectacular. I have to agree. We went out for a late drive just to enjoy the new top configuration. Your top and the (RC) power steps are the two best additions I’ve put on the Bronco. Thanks again" -Mike

"Wanted to let you know I took a 4 hour drive yesterday topless mostly highway. And holy sh** this thing is dead f***ing silent. I have no idea how you figured out what material to use but you knocked it out of the park." -Sterbenz

"The top is fantastic! I had the one from the manufacturer. It was loud and took way too long to put on. This one is far superior! I went on a 3 hour trip on the interstate at 70+mph. It performed great with no noise! Thanks for making these!" -Geneblakeney

"Super quiet, game-changer, absolute game-changer for me ... this thing is really well engineered, LOVE IT, well done Dan" -TomK

"No flapping at 70mph! Thank you!!!" -Anvilair1973

"The whole install process, as well as the design, of your top is great. I keep telling my wife and brothers that I wish I would have driven them around in the canvas top from Ford just so that they could really appreciate the one that you sent." -RyanR

"I took my Bronco on a 100 mile round trip beach day with only the Bimini on and it did fantastic. We are here in South Florida for the week and the temps are in the 90’s. The temp in my truck was in the 80’s. My wife is VERY HAPPY with the top and so am I." -Florida

"Good afternoon Dan. I am very happy with the bikini top. Fits and looks great, quiet even at highway speed. I really like the gray with my Cactus Gray paint."-DerekF

"Just removed the hard top on my Badlands and installed the bikini top this week. Sure enough, it rained cats and dogs the next day. Thought I'd be soaked, but was shocked at how dry the top kept the interior. Just as shown in the video. Great craftsmanship, Dan!" -ChrisEgg


BroncoBikin v4.6

v4.6 Upgrades Include:
  - No Front Gap
  - 100-MPH Tested
  - 52-Mile Rain Tested
  - Aluminum Clips
  - 5mm Mounting Hardware
  - Black Install Posts
  - Military Grade Grommets

Current Inventory: Jul 21 2024 -- 13:45 MST

  • 2-door:(SOLD OUT - pre-order for August build)
  •    [-] Onyx-Black
  •    [-] Charcoal
  •    [-] SeaGull-Gray
  •    [-] Arctic-White
  •    [-] Custom Colors - Please Special Order
  • 4-door:(SOLD OUT - pre-order for August build)
  •    [-] Onyx-Black
  •    [-] Charcoal
  •    [-] SeaGull-Gray
  •    [-] Custom Colors - Please Special Order
  • BroncoBikiniRack Bedlined or Raw (5 AVAILABLE)

Please reach out to find availability and timelines for items not listed above.

$325 -- (free 2-day priority shipping)
$15 - HardTop Quick Removal Thumb Screw Set - 10pc

*NEW* Topless Rack -- $239 (free shipping)
($15 Discount for Bimini + Rack Combo Purchase)


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